Waiting and waiting and waiting some more Friday, Mar 1 2013 

Do you ever just wonder what you are doing here, in this life?

I’ve been thinking about that lately.

How do you know what you are doing is what you are actually meant to be doing?

I don’t think there is an answer for that. Most people will say ‘Ya just know’. A few days ago, I heard someone say that they have always told their kids that life is too short to not do what you love.

But, what if you don’t know what you love to do? Or are good at?

Again, something I’ve been thinking about.

I’m worried that I’m running out of time. For everything.

You can never get it back, time. Just gone.

Time. Waiting. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Wishing I could get time back but knowing it won’t happen.


Friday List: What You Do Right Now! Friday, May 11 2012 

I think these are five things that you should do an a daily basis!!!

One. Stop!

Two. Deep breathing. In and out. In and out.

Three. SMILE!!

Four. Think of three good things in your life today

Five. Spread love and happiness

Changes Monday, Dec 5 2011 

I guess I should get something out the way first. In case you don’t know, I no longer have a job. Two weeks ago, I started at a Dr.’s office as the administrative assistant. I thought it was going to be a stable position. A job! I was called into the office this past Friday afternoon and told that it just wasn’t working out and she felt, in the long run, I wouldn’t be able to handle the front on my own. It was only two weeks. To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy the job. I just didn’t want to let anyone down. There was very little training (I left still not knowing how to make an appointment), but I went and did I best I could. I gave it a shot. I know that she did what she felt was right. That is okay. It just really makes me wonder, though. I’ve lost three jobs this year. That really does something to a persons head. I just can’t help but think that there is something wrong with me. Am I that bad of a person that people don’t want me? I know I am being silly but still. I just can’t help but wonder.

Now that the job news is out of the way, on to something more awesome.
I am part of another amazing project. Slated to begin next year, 12 Changes in 2012 was set in motion by these amazing ladies: Stephany and Katherine. The basic concept is making little changes over times helps them stick. Doing something for a month helps it become habit then you add something else to it, making that become habit. You have this awesome support group to help when you need encouragement and support. We have 4 weeks until 2012. We have to come up with about 9 things (more if you can) that you want to change in 2012.
Here is my list (so far):
1. Exercise for an hour (or more) a day with a designated rest day
2. Reduce/eliminate processed sugar from my diet
3. Meditate for a least 15 minutes a day
4. Read for 30 min.-1 hr. a day
5. Eat healthier
6. Blog 2-3 times a week
7. Hand write more letters
8. Paint my nails
9. Wash my face every night
10. Clean the house once a week
11. Organize my mess
12. Engage in my life more

Lately Thursday, Nov 10 2011 

Not much is going on. I’m still looking for a job. Hopefully something comes along soon. I’ve been getting out the house, only to realize that I like being home lol. It’s nice to go to the library and get coffee, though. I’ve been reading a lot more. I’m happy about that. I’m glad the reading bug bit me again. I really missed it.

Secrets Sunday, Jul 24 2011 

So, I finally did it. I recorded my ‘Secrets’ video. I cannot tell you enough how awesome everyone videos have come out. Thank you all for sharing part of yourself with us ❤

Here is mine:

Hope y’all are having a great weekend!