Life’s a moving picture Wednesday, Nov 28 2012 

I love taking photos. I was even doing well with the FMSPhotoADay Challenge on Instagram. I’ve decided to really try and stick with it for the month of December. I even found another holiday-a-day photo challenge. I have made Google Calendars for both. Please feel free to join me. You can find at yesthatgirl on Instagram!

#fmsphotoaday December 2012:

#holidayaday December 2012:

The NEW Influenster Site Thursday, Nov 15 2012 

If you don’t know, I am a member of Influenster!! It’s a great program. Check out what it’s all about here! I love that there is no pressure for me to participate. If I don’t feel like it, I don’t. Most of the time, I do, though haha.

I just could not get the hang of the old site.  I have to say that I love the new site.It’s so much easier to use and sign in on. Clean layout. Just really simple and great. It’s really easy to unlock badges and review products now that you can go and find them.

Before the new site, I was unable to complete reviews and surveys without it crashing within a few minutes. I would have to try and again and start from the beginning. It was such a pain. Now it is so simple. Just go under your profile and it’s there!

You should really check it our for yourself! I really enjoy being a part of Influenster!



Wine and Love v63 Thursday, Nov 15 2012 

  Welcome to Wine and Love, a weekly series of the good “Love” and bad “Wine” for the week. Participating is simple. Post two lists – one with what’s making us w(h)ine and one all about the love. Add your link over on Suki’s blog!


* The weather is being all screwy. Cold them hot. I wish it would just one and stay there for a while.

* I decided to update my phone before work yesterday and lost all my music and apps on my phone. Spent all day at work downloading music back to iTunes for our show last night. By the way, anyone know a good app for maps?

* We had to get a new battery for the car yesterday. It wouldn’t start when we went to leave for work so we had to jump it. But, now we have a new battery and it’s starting just fine!


* Our solo show was last night and OMG….WE WERE AWESOME!! We had a packed house. It was awesome. I can’t wait to show you pictures!!!

* I’m putting my Christmas card list together!! If you would like a Christmas card from me, please fill the form out!!

* I’m getting more comfortable talking about finances.

* Thanksgiving is next week! That means PJ’s older brother and his family are coming down for 5 days!!! Lots happening next week!

Gotta move it, move it Friday, Nov 9 2012 

Eat less + move more = lose weight, right?

That’s what I’ve always thought and been told. It’s a simple concept to understand and follow.

What baffles me (and I am guilty of this) is that people think that they can eat less, NOT move more and still lose weight.

Guess what? IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY (Yes, even myself, it doesn’t work that way).

I hear people complain about how they haven’t lost weight, how they are using a calorie counting app and going way over their calorie limits, about how they aren’t exercising and not losing weight.

I am guilty of the last one. Yes, I will admit that I really need to lose weight. One, for health reason. Two, so I can feel better. Three, I don’t have money to buy new (a.k.a. bigger) clothes right now, or do I want to.

The word ‘diet’ really bothers me. I prefer to think of it as a lifestyle change. Diet, to me, says that you will only be on it for a short period of time then gain it all (and more) back. What good is that for you? You need to eat healthy, smaller portions and move more. I tell people that all the time and they look at me like I’m crazy. I’ve heard, ‘Walking up the stairs counts as exercise, right?’

NO, NO IT DOESN’T! If you want to lose weight, eat smart and MOVE MORE.

Get up earlier in the morning and go for a run or come home from work and go for a walk, if it’s  neither deathly hot and humid or freezing cold. If either, do it indoors. Just move more. Dance around your apartment, clean, have sex. All of those things burn calories. Whatever you do, make sure you are having fun doing it. Working out doesn’t work if you aren’t having fun and really want to do it.

Let’s move more!

Wine and Love v62 Thursday, Nov 8 2012 

Welcome to Wine and Love, a weekly series of the good “Love” and bad “Wine” for the week. Participating is simple. Post two lists – one with what’s making us w(h)ine and one all about the love. Add your link on Suki’s blog!


* The weather is being weird. Cold then warm. Really messing with my sinuses.

* Communication IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!

* Falling in love with podcasts! Currently listening to The VJ Club. Ashley mentioned it in a tweet so I checked it. So glad I did. Seriously, listen to it. Especially if you are a lady. Any other podcasts I should be listening to?

* Blue Bell Butternut Crunch ice cream. OMG…SO GOOD! Yes, I’ll keep writing about it until it stops being good, which I hope is NEVER!

* My Foodie penpal package finally arrived! I’ll post more on that in a separate post. Can’t wait to try the goodies!


Wine and Love v61 Thursday, Nov 1 2012 

It’s Wine and Love Thursday!!! Head on over to Suki’s blog and link up!! Tell us what’s on your Wine and Love list this week.


* I’m stressing about buy Christmas presents for everyone already. I have no idea what most people want (a.k.a my family). I’m also worried about if we can afford them ( I know we can. It’s just me freaking out for no reason).

* I didn’t have a Foodie Penpal goodie box to reveal yesterday; was a little bummed about it, but I know it happens (just didn’t think it was going to happen with the first box haha). It’s not going to stop me from participating again, though.


* The fact that budgeting is working. We were able to pay off one student loan last month and purchase a new computer today.

* Like I said, we purchased a new computer today. It’s a refurbished one but it’s still awesome. Ask PJ for all the details on it, though.

* I’m off this weekend. Still have stuff to do but not work!! (Don’t get me wrong, I love my weekend job, but it’s nice to have a weekend off every once in a while).

* Will be making these oh-so-yummy brownies this weekend. What kind of candy would you use? I think I’m going to use Reese’s!!! (After reading the reviews, I’m kind of scared to make it for fear of messing up. Any advice?)

* I’m participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). Sign up and join us!!!

* I’m going to join Amy in her Thank You Note project!! I keep a daily gratitude tumblr, but I know it’s nice to let people know that you are thankful for them.


KROD Oct. 2012: Boy Band Edition (Plus, a surprise!!!) Wednesday, Oct 31 2012 

We are back with Boy Bands this month!! Can I tell you how I LOVED boy bands growing up? Didn’t everyone?

Today, I bring you the lovely Tabs!!!! Plus, SHE HAS A GUEST!!! Kanriah!!! You can find me over on her blog today!!

Without further ado, here are Tab and Kanriah bringing back the Backstreet Boys!!!

Check out the Master List and everyone’s videos!!

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal Day Wednesday, Oct 31 2012 

The Lean Green Bean
I found out about Lindsay’s blog through Doniree, when she blogged about blog gift swaps. I love blog gift swaps because I get to meet someone knew and send them nice things.
So, I decided to go ahead and participate in Lindsay’s Foodie Pen Pal program. I’m all about food. Cooking, baking, eating…I’m your girl!
Today is reveal day. Except, I have nothing to reveal. I didn’t get a Foodie goodie box this month. Going into this, I knew that there was a possibility that it could happen (Lindsay even says so on her site). Yes, I am a little bummed but it won’t stop me from participating next month.
I am really excited for you to head on over to Ja ML’s blog to see what I sent her!! That really is the best part for me. Yes, getting things is nice, but I love giving things and see people’s reaction.

Things that might surprise you about me Friday, Oct 26 2012 

So, following in Lauren, Emma and GFM’s footsteps, here a few things that might surprise you about me.

  • I was a twin
  • I’ve lived in Germany (my dad was in the Army)
  • I play flute and piccolo and own both (even though they both need to get fixed)
  • I love organizing things
  • I use to want to be part of the Mafia
  • Clutter makes me feel anxious
  • I pushed my sister down the stairs when we were little and gave her two black teeth
  • I play WoW. (I also like to play other types of games) It’s true. If you don’t like it, I don’t care
  • I love working and making money
  • I love 80s music
  • I don’t like change but want to move and do amazing things
  • I love snail mail
  • I’m too hard on myself
  • I want to be a famous singer and belly dancer
  • I love beauty and hair stuff now
  • I wish I were more into fashion

Fall blog swap reveal!!! Friday, Oct 26 2012 

I am so late on posting this (sorry, y’all)! But, I am excited to share my goodies that Amy sent me through Holly’s Fall Swap! It was so awesome that she knew what to get my from a few emails. Yeah, we’re just good like that haha.

I love everything she got me!! I can’t wait to wear the scarf (if only it would get cooler lol). The socks are so warm and cozy. I love socks like that. The nails polish…what can I say? LOVE! I can’t wait to use the cookie cutters (cute Halloween shapes). The cnadles…oh my…they smell heavenly. It’s definitely Autumn in my house 🙂

Thanks, Amy, for the wonderful gifts and Holly for hosting a wonderful swap!! Can’t wait to do this again!!

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