Welcome to Wine and Love, a weekly series of the good “Love” and bad “Wine” for the week. Participating is simple. Post two lists – one with what’s making us w(h)ine and one all about the love. Add your link over on Suki’s blog!


* The weather is being all screwy. Cold them hot. I wish it would just one and stay there for a while.

* I decided to update my phone before work yesterday and lost all my music and apps on my phone. Spent all day at work downloading music back to iTunes for our show last night. By the way, anyone know a good app for maps?

* We had to get a new battery for the car yesterday. It wouldn’t start when we went to leave for work so we had to jump it. But, now we have a new battery and it’s starting just fine!


* Our solo show was last night and OMG….WE WERE AWESOME!! We had a packed house. It was awesome. I can’t wait to show you pictures!!!

* I’m putting my Christmas card list together!! If you would like a Christmas card from me, please fill the form out!!

* I’m getting more comfortable talking about finances.

* Thanksgiving is next week! That means PJ’s older brother and his family are coming down for 5 days!!! Lots happening next week!