Eat less + move more = lose weight, right?

That’s what I’ve always thought and been told. It’s a simple concept to understand and follow.

What baffles me (and I am guilty of this) is that people think that they can eat less, NOT move more and still lose weight.

Guess what? IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY (Yes, even myself, it doesn’t work that way).

I hear people complain about how they haven’t lost weight, how they are using a calorie counting app and going way over their calorie limits, about how they aren’t exercising and not losing weight.

I am guilty of the last one. Yes, I will admit that I really need to lose weight. One, for health reason. Two, so I can feel better. Three, I don’t have money to buy new (a.k.a. bigger) clothes right now, or do I want to.

The word ‘diet’ really bothers me. I prefer to think of it as a lifestyle change. Diet, to me, says that you will only be on it for a short period of time then gain it all (and more) back. What good is that for you? You need to eat healthy, smaller portions and move more. I tell people that all the time and they look at me like I’m crazy. I’ve heard, ‘Walking up the stairs counts as exercise, right?’

NO, NO IT DOESN’T! If you want to lose weight, eat smart and MOVE MORE.

Get up earlier in the morning and go for a run or come home from work and go for a walk, if it’s  neither deathly hot and humid or freezing cold. If either, do it indoors. Just move more. Dance around your apartment, clean, have sex. All of those things burn calories. Whatever you do, make sure you are having fun doing it. Working out doesn’t work if you aren’t having fun and really want to do it.

Let’s move more!