The Lean Green Bean
I found out about Lindsay’s blog through Doniree, when she blogged about blog gift swaps. I love blog gift swaps because I get to meet someone knew and send them nice things.
So, I decided to go ahead and participate in Lindsay’s Foodie Pen Pal program. I’m all about food. Cooking, baking, eating…I’m your girl!
Today is reveal day. Except, I have nothing to reveal. I didn’t get a Foodie goodie box this month. Going into this, I knew that there was a possibility that it could happen (Lindsay even says so on her site). Yes, I am a little bummed but it won’t stop me from participating next month.
I am really excited for you to head on over to Ja ML’s blog to see what I sent her!! That really is the best part for me. Yes, getting things is nice, but I love giving things and see people’s reaction.