So, following in Lauren, Emma and GFM’s footsteps, here a few things that might surprise you about me.

  • I was a twin
  • I’ve lived in Germany (my dad was in the Army)
  • I play flute and piccolo and own both (even though they both need to get fixed)
  • I love organizing things
  • I use to want to be part of the Mafia
  • Clutter makes me feel anxious
  • I pushed my sister down the stairs when we were little and gave her two black teeth
  • I play WoW. (I also like to play other types of games) It’s true. If you don’t like it, I don’t care
  • I love working and making money
  • I love 80s music
  • I don’t like change but want to move and do amazing things
  • I love snail mail
  • I’m too hard on myself
  • I want to be a famous singer and belly dancer
  • I love beauty and hair stuff now
  • I wish I were more into fashion