It’s Wine and Love Thursday!! Head on over to Suki’s blog and check it out!!


* I can’t seem to get over this sinus stuff =/ I don’t think I’ve fully gotten over from the last time I was sick.

* I’ve been feeling really tired lately. I don’t think I’m getting the right amount of sleep.


*The new WoW expansion! PANDAS!!! And, I found out a friend from high school plays and we are now able to connect on there, as well. I’m trying to get her over on my server!

* Budgeting and sticking to it. Yes, it’s hard but it’s very needed if we want to pay off student loans and stuff. So, yes, this is a good thing.

* Pumpkin spice lattes, or just coffee in general 🙂

* Our new Christmas piece. It’s going to be awesome!!!

* Discovering new music!!