Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Christy from Gidget’s Two Cents for 20-Something Bloggers Blog Swap (you can find me on her blog today)! We are talking about Summer Vacations!! Check out her post!!

“I’m excited to be participating in this year’s 20 Something Bloggers’ Blog Swap with Heather. I hope you enjoy today’s post on Summer Vacations. If you do, you can read more over at Gidget’s Two Cents. My blog catalogs much of my daily life: the ins and outs of home ownership, marriage, reminiscing, and of course my love for my dog. Happy reading!”

Summer (n): a seemingly endless period of time full of bike riding, warm weather, and no school. I’m sure this is how many kids would define summer if asked. As an adult, however, summer is gone in the blink of an eye. One could almost define it as a time frame marked by six pay periods, five day work weeks, and the occasional county fair on a weekend.

Looking back, my all time favorite summer vacations involved a five hour drive to my grandparents in Upstate New York. Each year my extended family would get together at Aunt Carolyn’s for a reunion of sorts. It usually coincided with either the Fourth of July or the Schenevus Carnival. Aunt Carolyn’s was a short drive from my grandparents and her property offered much outdoor entertainment for a child. There were cherry trees, wild raspberry bushes, weeping willows for climbing, an old barn for exploration, and an ice cold creek for swimming. My cousins and I would play “spit” (a card game) on her large front porch and weave daisies and dandelions into headbands or friendship bracelets. We would play hide-and-seek in the tall grasses and take walks to the “tin house” in the evenings for a bonfire. The “tin house” was an old hunting cabin with a tin roof and metal siding. More often than not someone would bring sparklers for our walk to the “tin house” and s’mores supplies for the fire. On the evenings when the Carnival was going on, we would all make our way into town for the fireworks. To this day they are still the best show I’ve ever seen. If you were lucky enough to be on their rickety old ferris wheel at the time they were going off, you were in for a real treat.

When we weren’t over at Aunt Carolyn’s or on the Schenevus fairgrounds, we were in my Grandmother’s kitchen making pies with the cherries and raspberries we picked. We would adorn her kitchen table with a vase full of Queen Anne’s Lace with tinted the water. On other days we would pile into Grandpa’s van for a trip to Glimmer Glass Lake for a day full of swimming and sand castles. My sister and I would beg from the moment we got up to go to Glimmer Glass, but it had to be at least 65 degrees out for my parents and grandparents to agree to make the trek. A cooler would be packed with lunch items and assorted snacks. My Grandfather loved oyster crackers, blue cheese, and Yoo-Hoos so those always made the cut. It was always a sad day when we had to pack the car again for the long drive home to Long Island. Once home, my sister and I would count the number of “sleeps” until our next trip up to visit. Those were by far my favorite summer vacations.