It’s Wine and Love time!!! Check out Suki’s blog and participate! It’s fun!


* I was 5 minutes late for work this morning. They thought I was involved in an accident. I wasn’t- just that everyone at Wal-Mart had the same idea I did and went to check out at the same time. I have to remember to call if I’m going to be late- my fault. I’m not in trouble or anything.  I just HATE being late- it causes me unnecessary stress, and I freak out over NOTHING.

* I let ALL the little things get to me. See above.


* My new Maybelline Color Show nail polish I bought! PJ helped me pick out GoGoGreen. I also have Paradise Plum and Saphire something (can’t remember the name =/).

* I’ve been getting much needed sleep. LOTS of it.

* THIS! Seriously! You NEED to read it! Nicole is amazing and inspiring, and I really hope to meet her one day.

* I really like this website and the reading plans.