It started when I was younger, going shopping for school supplies. I couldn’t wait for my mom to take me. I just had to get the right notebooks, pencils, pens (medium weight, smooth writing) and the most awesome Trapperkeeper known to man (If you’ve never owned a TrapperKeeper, you’re missing out).

Now that I am no longer in school (as of this moment) and have a full time office job, I really miss shopping for school supplies. It should come as no secret that I’m obsessed with office supplies (you see how I was as a child haha). I am always looking for the next great pen or notebook to use. When presented to me,  I just had to jump at the opportunity to become a regular product reviewer for I just received my first supplies, Fellowes Memory Foam Keyboard Palm Support and the Fellowes Memory Foam Gliding Palm Support w/Mouse Pad.

I couldn’t wait to open the products. I knew I was going to put them to great use. A few months ago, I noticed that my wrists had started hurting, especially when I would type on my keyboard a lot. I knew I had to get a keyboard pad with a wrist rest so you can imagine my excitement when it came in the mail. The products where lite weight and felt really sturdy.I really like that wrist rest on both products are made of memory foam and that they help in the prevention of carpal tunnel. The Fellowes Memory Foam Keyboard Palm Support was really to set up and use. I simply took it out the package and placed it in front of my keyboard. It was love at first type (see what I did them?). The Fellowes Memory Foam Gliding Palm Support w/Mouse Pad was a different story.

I look it out the package and it looked like this:

Are you as confused as I was? I then took out the mouse pad and saw instructions on how to hook this up to your mouse. It look me several tries to get this to work correctly. I have an optical mouse, and I couldn’t use the mouse pad even though this is written on the webpage:  Optical mouse-friendly mouse pad ensures optimal performance. I’ve been using it for a few days so I guess we’ll see how it goes. Though, I am happy to report that my keyboard likes his new buddy and my wrists have never been happier!

Full Disclosure: These office supplies were sent to me for review by These are my true and honest opinions. I was not paid but was given these products to keep!