It’s that time of the week again: Wine and Love time!! What’s on your list this week?


* I have a fever blister. I only get them when I am either a) out in the sun too long or b) stressed. I’m trying RELEEV and Abreva. Hopefully it goes away soon. I hate when I get them.

* I really need to start taking my vitamins again. Especially Lysine.

* I haven’t been feeling all that good lately. I think PMS is kicking full force, and I might be coming down with something.


* I am LOVING my new headband(s) from ModCloth. I ordered the red/white polka dot one and just love it!! I received the deer headband as part of a BirchBox and loved it so much I had to get more. I’ll definitely be buying more!!

* My new shades from Stunner of the Month are awesome!!! I love them!! I love big sunglasses and am so happy that I am able to wear them.

* My 4th of July was good. Here’s pictures to prove it:

Disclaimer: All reviews in this post are mine. I was not compensated in any way by  ModCloth or Stunner of the Month. I just love their products so much I had to share with y’all!!