This weekend was a blur. Between practice and Gala on Saturday and Father’s Day Sunday, it just flew by. But, I would have to say I learned something.

What did you learn? you might be asking (well, I hope you are because then what would be the point of this post).

Lesson learned: don’t do anything rash on the day you have a huge performance.

Now, I’m not saying that cutting my hair was wrong, at all. I actually love it, now. But, sitting that chair, I thought I made a mistake. I had been wanting to but my hair for A VERY LONG TIME (just ask anyone who knows me, it was to the point of annoyance…even I can admit that), but I don’t do good for me. I’m always helping someone else out so my BFF took care of that for me. After practice and before lunch on Saturday, I was told that we were making a detour. I knew she wasn’t going to tell me so I just went along for the ride, never crossed my mind that we were going to the AVEDA Institute. After getting out the car and heading inside, we walk up to the counter and very nice young lady asked if we needed help. We told her that I wanted to cut my hair and asked if they had any appointments available that day. She said that they had appoints opens at 1:30 and 2. I knew that if I didn’t do it then, it was going to be forever before I cut my hair. I swallowed down my nervousness and scheduled the appointment for 2.

The time came and before I knew it, I was sitting the chair with a cape around me and wet hair in clips. She made the first cut, and I knew there was no going back, not that I wanted her to. After she cut off a majority of my hair, Elaine comes to see me after my manicure. She asked if I was okay (Yes, I was) and if I liked it (Yes, I did). I just felt like crying. I think it was because it was such a drastic change. Short hair is nothing new to me (my om had my sister and I’s hair cut really short when we were younger). I just haven’t had my hair cut or this short in some time. To be honest, it took me a few days to get use to it and to really fall in love with it (though  I’m not 100% in love with the flip bang in the front).

I’m really happy that Elaine did this for me (because there was no way I going to this for myself). It now actually takes me longer to get ready in the morning because I have to actually DO my hair, which leads me to this question: what are good products for short hair? I need help!!