They would probably yell at me for treating them so poorly. I’m in heals 5 days a week, eight hours a day (although I’m not on my feet for that long) and I dance at least two days a week for multiple hours. No wonder they hurt.

And on top of that, I think I am wearing the wrong size shoe. A half size too small.

My toes hang off the side of my shoe and they hurt a lot.

Did you know that you aren’t suppose to be able to feel the arch support in your shoe. It’s there for support, not to be stepped on. I didn’t know this at all.

I have a high arch so finding shoes that are right for me has always been a problem. I also have to find shoes that fit my wide feet, which can be a problem when you want cute shoes!

My advice: make sure you are buying the correct size shoe for your foot. Go get measured (just like ladies should when buying a bra) and seek advice when purchasing shoes. That is so important to the health of your feet, and yourself.