I am 28 years old and still have my tonsils.

Yeah, so? you might ask.

Most people I know that are my age do not have their tonsils. They are usually taken out at a very young age. I remember being in elementary school when a girl in my class had hers taken out and she brought them to school in one of those plastic cups they give you to pee in. I had never seen anything so gross. At the time, I wasn’t having problems with them or getting sick a lot so in they stayed.

It wasn’t until recently (and by recently, I mean the last 4-5 years) that I had started getting sick more often. It was tonsillitis every time. I could count on being sick 3-4 times a year, especially every time the weather changed. My glands would swell, it was super hard to swallow (and it hurt), and I just plain didn’t feel good.

In case you don’t know, not having insurance really sucks.

I was on my parents insurance until I was 23 (if I remember correctly), but these problems didn’t start happening until after that. Yeah, way to go, body.

You will find a constant supply of Mucinex, Tussin, nose sprays and Thera-Flu in my medicine cabinet. I just can’t afford to get sick. As soon as I feel like I’m getting sick, I start taking something.Take this week, for example. My left gland started to feel funny a few days ago and started to swell, and I had a cough . I went home that night and started with Mucinex and a nose spray. I’m trying to rest as much as I can.

So, the lesson here: take care of yourself. This just goes to show that I really need to. I need to start eating better, exercising more and getting more rest.