It’s Wine and Love Thursday! Head on over to visit Suki and sign up!!!


* Elaine hurt her wrist in rehearsal this week 😦 She’s going see a doctor this afternoon. I hope it’s not broken.

* All of a sudden, I got a case of the sads this afternoon. Right now, all I want to do is cry.

* Time sucks 😦 I don’t think I a real, free weekend until the first weekend of July. I won’t be able to see Elaine in her play this weekend b/c…..


* ….PJ’s sister’s graduation dinner is this Saturday night 🙂

* Elaine’s birthday is next Thursday!!! So, you all have to go wish her a Happy Birthday!!!!

* Gala is next Saturday!!!!! So excited to perform!!

*Routines are almost finished!!

* Costumes are all together (I think lol). I had to get my orange skirt altered because I am short and kept tripping on it.