I love warm chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of milk. Who doesn’t?

Growing up, my mom had chocolate chip cookies around the house. I knew that whenever I wanted, I could go in the kitchen, reach my hand in the giant cookie jar and pull out yummy cookies.

I still don’t have that recipe. I hope to have it soon, though 🙂 Even if it is from the back of the chocolate chip cookie bag haha.

I love baking. It reminds me of my mom, helping her and getting to “lick the bowl” (that was always my favorite part haha).

I have always been able to follow a recipe, even with cooking. I wish that I knew how to make things without a recipe. I can’t just look at what’s in the fridge and/or pantry and come up with something. Anyone have advice on how to do this? I want to be able to head to the grocery store (or raid my fridge/pantry) and come up with something awesome.