It’s Wine and Love time!!! Created by Nora and hosted by Suki, we come together each week and say what’s got us reaching for the wine glass and what’s has our hearts bursting with love!


* I need a new mattress 😦 My back and shoulders hurt when I wake up in the morning.

* I think I have been wearing the wrong size shoe for some time now

* Where has the year gone? It seems to be going to fast 😦


* Elaine’s and my birthday are next month!

* Choreography is coming together- excited that Gala is in a few weeks!!!

* Going to try blogging every day in June…TRY being the operative word here haha.

* Playing WoW! Haven’t had much time for it lately so it’s nice when I do get time to play.

* Reading a lot more. I need to more book suggestions so PLEASE send them my way (I am up for anything!!!).