It’s Wine and Love Thursday! Created by Nora and hosted by Suki, we come together each Thursday to share our good and bad for the week!


* Sad I’m not going to #BiSC 😦 Hopefully next year *cross fingers*

* Missing dance but it’s for something super important!


* That super important thing I’m missing dance for: PJ’s sister is graduating for high school tonight!! So excited and happy for her!! Can’t wait!

* GFM FINALLY got her birthday package!! Word to the wise, if you EVER need to send something out of the country, send it at least a month a head of time- include instructions on when the package can be opened, though.

* I’ve been reading a lot more. I finished all of the Traveling Pants book in about a week. I am now reading Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s my guilty pleasure read. Don’t judge. Well, you can if you want. I really don’t care.