It’s Tuesday! Which means time for Ten on Tuesday, hosted by the lovely Chelsea.

1. Would you rather give up pedicures or flat/curling irons?
Seeing as I how don’t get pedicures regularly, I don’t know what I’m missing so I think it would be that haha. I live in the South and my hair is to frizzy to go with a flat iron!

2. Does your middle name have a family meaning?
I don’t think so. My godmother named me and I think my mom thought Nicole sounded like a good middle name.

3. Do you like to sneeze?
No. Who does?
4. Do you think kids should need to learn cursive?
Yes, I do. I think hand writing is dying. It’s sad to think about. The fact that they are trying to get rid of text books in schools is sad. Are our children going to grow up not knowing how to write? Are they going to know what a book is? That’s scary to think about.

5. When you go to the beach for the day, what do you take?
Umbrella, towel, sunscreen, music, book, sand toys (Yes, I like to play in the sand at the beach)

6. Which decade had the best music?
To me, hands down the 80’s!!!

7. Are you a good hand-shaker?
I think I am. My dad always said that a good hand shake is very important.

8. Do you have a go-to meal for when you are at a restaurant and you can’t decide?
It really depends on the restaurant. I usually like to try something new, though.

9. Do you have slippers?
Nope! If my feet do get cold, I wear my thick blue Mickey Mouse socks! But, I love being bare foot!

10. Are you easily grossed out?
I’m not sure lol.