Since Nora is no longer hosting Wine and Love (she decided to stop after 52 weeks), Suki has taken on the task of hosting! If you are new to the game, head on over to her blog and check it out!!


* Whatever is on my thumb isn’t going away fast enough, and I think it’s going to leave a scar. /sadface


* VEDApril 2012 is in full swing! Check out my latest video here!!

* Having amazing conversations with friends who are too far away to hug

* Got this (European Deep Dark Drinking Chocolate) in our Easter basket from PJ parents!! It’s soooo good! Makes amazing hot chocolate! I really want to try all of them! We also received some coffee that I can’t wait to try!!

* Easter was awesome!!

* Belldance Gala 2012 session started this week! Excited that we have music for Advanced and Tribal all picked out! Can’t wait to see what our second number for troupe is!!

* Happy that Suki is continuing to host Wine and Love!