Hosted by Chelsea, this random batch of Ten on Tuesday questions is from Sue at Simon’s Sista Saw! She’s not American, can you tell?!

1. Do you prefer fabric or plastic plasters? (or Band-Aids if American)

I prefer fabric Band-Aids (actually had to buy some at the store last night). They move easier.

2. Do you prefer gel pens, biro or fine liners for everyday writing?
I love finE tipped pens! Especially from Sharpie! I also like heavy weighted pens. I wish I could combine the two.

3. Do you have a fear or needles/dentists/blood (if all three, which is the worst) and is there a story behind it?
I don’t like any of them! I had a horrible experience as a child at the dentist. He scared me so badly my mom never took up back to him. In high school, I had to get blood work done every 6 weeks for meds I was on at the time. To calm me down, they had to turn the lights off, and I had fan myself to not hyperventilate.

4. Do you like jelly? Do you eat it at any time other than when poorly?

When poorly? What does that mean? I love jelly!! Especially on fresh biscuits!

5. What are your Easter traditions? (if not Christian, insert your own meaningful festival here and tell us about that instead)
Since I no longer hunt eggs, it’s usually lunch or dinner with family. This year’s dinner was fantastic!

6. What’s your favourite book that you have read so far this year?
If You Have to Cry, Go Outside (and other think your mother never told you by Kelly Cutrone

7. Do you have any magazine subscriptions or recommendations that we should know about?
No magazines!

8. Favourite etsy store (if you know the owner IRL, also include your favourite that you didn’t originally know IRL)?
I don’t really have a favorite Etsy store.

9. If you had play money (£100/$150) that could only be used on shoes, what shoes would you buy?

A new pair of heels! I need a new pair sooooo badly! Not sure what kind though =/

10. If you were going pet shopping tomorrow, what would you choose?
I would probably get another dog. Another pug. Except it would be a girl and she would be black.