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My family has never been very religious. At my most religious I was still more the type of person who saw it as Me and God not something that required celebrating certain things or doing it the way others do it. So as much as Easter can be a religious holiday it never was for me.

When I was a kid we did a few Easter Egg Hunts, but really… we were too damn broke to do much of anything. When your single mom works as much overtime as she can get to barely take care of the bills things like that can fall to the side. She tried, but it wasn’t always in her grasp. Luckily for her we were easily satisfied and didn’t need all of the hoopla. Doing eggs was fun and getting Easter baskets was cool, but getting to split a chocolate bunny later was just as good for us.

Now that I’m grown with children of my own, I often found myself in a position similar to my mother’s. Not quite as bad, I know that and appreciate that in ways most people I know can’t. We could usually get the bills, but not the extras every year. One year we went to an easter egg hunt at the church we were attending at the time. Another year we were able to buy a couple of the Easter baskets you see at the stores On Easter and let them have it that evening. Between not having a set tradition growing up and being short of funds, I’ve never built a solid Easter tradition for my kids.

Growing up in a family with few classic traditions makes it hard for me to understand the desire for them. At the same time, I do appreciate the few minor ones we had. Some of the traditions my husband’s family had blew my mind and made me want to stand firm in Our tradition of little tradition.

I do want my children to experience the fun that can be had with holidays. So this year I hope to find an Easter Egg Hunt to take them to. Or maybe dye eggs with them so they can have that fun, even though I know it’ll make my husband think we’re crazy. My mother in law sent them a box o this year they’ll ahve some sort of Easter morning present. Who knows, aybe we’ll repeat it next year. Maybe we’ll make the classic traditions of eggs and maybe a little surprise. Who knows?