Back in March, I decided to take on cleaning my face every night before going to bed, along with taking my contacts out and brushing/flossing my teeth.

It has been great, getting into a routine and taking care of my face, teeth and eyes.

My only issue has now that my face is really dry and my pors are HUGE. When I was younger, I had really oily skin. I didn’t know that I had dry skin until I was having my makeup done for a friends portfolio. She was putting liquid foundation on me when she tells me that she can tell that I have dry skin by the way the brush pulled.

I started using an astringent by Clean and Clear, the toner from the Walgreens brand ProActive and Clean and Clear moisturizer with acne medication (which makes my face feel cool when it’s on). I really think these products are too harsh on my skin, but I don’t know what to use.

Anyone have any suggestions/advice? I would love to continue with this routine but am scared that I’m messing up my face.