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* My weight and appearance is starting to get me down. I was doing okay in February but then it went downhill. Thinking about going 30 Day Shred (again) and other forms of exercise (like Pilates and/or yoga).

* Sleep is NOT my friend this week. I’m not sure why, but I am not getting of it and it sucks.

*I think I have allergies. My eyes have been itching a lot, and I have been sneezing a lot too.

* I think I scratch my left eyeball with my contact last week. I have been wearing my glasses so not to aggravate it any more and it seems to be getting better.

* I feel like a horrible pet mom right now. Lately, Broly has been really needy in the morning. He looks really sad when we are getting ready and when we leave. When I tried to play with him last night, he just wanted to chew on his bone. I think he is sad that people aren’t there during the day. It makes me feel horrible. Any advice?


* Went to Jolie’s with BOTH of my roommates (who also happen to be my friends :P) and had “ALL THE  NOMMY FOOD”. (Added for Elaine!)

* Helping with this post for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

* This post from Linda! Anyone want to start doing this?

*This post from Nicole! I’m even thinking about doing the spoken blog post. Would you like to join me?

* I’m helping with a princess birthday party this Saturday!!