Doniree wrote this awesome post about how she started living the life SHE wanted.

I was going to write a post about how I need to make time to take time for me. But, that’s for later.

Instead, I will talk about a huge issue that I have.

I have an anger issue. And it can (and has) gotten bad.

I have Type A tendency’s. I’m demanding and bossy and want to you see things MY way.

Yeah, like that ever works.

I know these things about myself, and I am trying like mad to correct them.

I don’t want people to see me as The Bitch (which I think a lot of people do).

My anger really comes out when people talk bad about things that I love. Take today for example. In case you don’t know, this terribleawufulnogoodthing happened. I understand why it happened. Someone I am friends with on Twitter commented that American football was lame. That really got to me. I know it shouldn’t have but it did. I just wish people would put ‘I think’ or ‘In my opinion’. Because, in my opinion, American football is NOT lame. I’ve gotten into fights with my parents and PJ over football games. It’s just not a pretty picture. Few other things. It really annoys me when people tell me to calm down. You don’t think I know that? I get more angry for you saying things like that then actually letting me get through my anger and calming down on my own. It also really gets to me when people tell that others are “really turned off by that”. Ya don’t say? Wow….I never knew that. Why do you think I wrote this post? I need your help. Books, methods, ANYTHING!

So, here I am, telling you that this bossy, demanding, Type A personality needs help. Give me all that you have!

I might also note that I am loving, loyal, caring, wonderful and pretty damn awesome. Because this can’t be all bad, right?