Hosted by Chelsea! Questions by her, as well.

1. Should we keep doing Ten on Tuesday?
I would like to see it keep going, but I also know that it is up to Chelsea. I’ve enjoyed participating in this 🙂
2. How do you pick out your sunglasses?
I have to find ones that look good on my face. I usually go Target or Wal-Mart to find them.
3. Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
We went to Patty in the Parc this year and had a blast 🙂
4. Name 5 movies that you will never get sick of.
The Devil Wears Prada, You’ve Got Mail, Julie and Julia, Because I Said So, The Departed
5. Name 1 book that you will never get sick of.
If You Have To Cry, Go Outside (and other things your mother never told you) by Kelly Colture.
6. Do you know any sign language?
No, but I know someone who could teach me 🙂
7. What is your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie?
Hands down, Thin Mints!! I like the peanut butter ones too.
8. Are you handy? (Can you fix or build anything?)
I can out things together. Not sure about fixing things. I try. That counts, right?
9. In what form do you prefer your potatoes? (Baked, mashed, au gratin, hashbrowns, twice baked, etc.)
Baked, mashed, roasted, hasbrowns
10. Do you believe the saying “actions speak louder than words”?
I do. You can say things all you want but if you do nothing to show it, how true are your words? I know that hearing things is good (and we all need it) but actions speak volumes also.