Ten on Tuesday, hosted by Chelsea!
Provided by her IRL friends, Wes and Melanie.

1. What is the most exciting thing to see on a baseball field?
I love getting to the ballpark early and seeing the field all nice and clean
2. What snacks do you usually get at a game?
Usually nachos and a drink; Oh, and SUNFLOWER SEEDS!!!
3. Do you yell at the umps? Other players?
If I think it’s a bad call, I’ll yell at the umps
4. If you could be commissioner for a day, what would you change about MLB?
I have no idea lol
5. Which of the following have you seen in person at a baseball game:
a. a rainout? Yes
b. a no-hitter? Nope
c. a grand slam? Yup
d. your face on the JumboTron? No, I want to though 🙂
e. a squeeze play?  I’ve seen them attempted
f. a fight? Nope
6. What do you say to people who claim that baseball is boring?
That they don’t know a good sport when they see one
7. What do you think of the recent trend of singing “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch?
I don’t really have thoughts on it; it’s been far too long since I’ve been to a game =/
8. Old school “knickers” or full length pants?
Full length pants!
9. What do you do about the obnoxious drunk guys/girls sitting around you?
I don’t like them. If they were really starting to bother me, I’d say something to them or get an authority involved.
10. For a game you’re watching in person, what’s your limit on extra innings? How many before you just bail?
After two, I just want to go home.