It’s Wine and Love time!!!


* Money….don’t make enough of it, never have enough of it lol

* Diet and exercise have not been going so well


* I bought both of these prompts from Doni and am so excited. Got my first prompts this week!! Can’t wait to see more. You should buy them (and use this links in here- I get money from each sale)!

* I made this awesome meal this week that I will hopefully blog about this weekend (including pictures!)

* Check out the Habibi Hips performance at Bellydance Superstars Club Bellydance:

* I blogged about my ongoing struggle with depression and cutting

* Had a great meeting with Madre Annie

* I have a lot of great things to look forward to next week: PJ and I’s 1 year anniversary, seeing the play Chicago, CRAWFISH!, Patty in the Park and a BBQ for the season finale of The Walking Dead with friends and family