It’s FRIDAY!!! Yay!!! Linking up with Ellen for Friday List!! This week, I have to tell you what Etsy shops I am loving right now!

One. Wanderlustandlove. Owned by none other than the most awesome Doni! I love her photography! Oh, and throughout the month of March, she is having all photography in her shop 30% off!! Go grab some of her awesome photos!! Oh, and while your at it, buy her journal prompts for bloggers!!

Two. Glitter Shoes. Owned by the super amazing Katherine!! SHE GLITTERS THINGS….LIKE ALL THE THINGS. What more can you ask for? Plus, she kicks major butt.

Three. Stella Salvador. Ever since Bri started wearing her m necklace when she was pregnant for Miles, I have wanted one. I think Stella’s jewelry is beautiful and unique.

Four. Freckled Nest. Owned by Leigh-Ann and Kyla, their shop is as cute and unique as they are. I love everything about it!!

Five. soul mantras and other stories. When I stumbled upon Liz Lamoreux’s shop, I knew that it was something special. Simply beautiful.