It’s Thursday….again! Man, I just can’t believe how the week seems to fly by when I realize it’s Thursday. That mean Wine and Love time! Hosted by the lovely Nora!


* I’m not getting enough sleep. When I don’t get enough sleep, that makes me grumpy. Not good for anyone!

* Finding out you aren’t friends with someone and not really know what happened and not being able to find out what went wrong.

* Not making enough money at work. I like my job, don’t get my wrong, but since Courtney moved out, rent and bills have to be split by three instead of four. It’s okay, though. We making it work!

* The weather has been so gross lately =/


* Monday was the day with ALL the good things: I got this book in the mail (which I WON in the giveaway by this awesome woman); y’all should all read it, it’s so good; I received my Valentine’s Day blog swap from her as well as stuff I ordered from Sephora!

* Tuesday was the day WE KICKED ALL THE ASSES! The troupes at the studio where I bellydance (you can check it out here) had the chance to dance the Bellydance Superstars Club Bellydance show! It was so awesome! We all had a great time. You can check out the Shimmy Peppers video here. Habibi Hips (the troupe that I am in) doesn’t have a video of just us up yet (though there is a video of us on Facebook featuring up around the 14 minute mark). I am working on getting the video from PJ’s phone ASAP. Will hopefully have it soon.

* On Wednesday, I found out I was the first winner in Doni’s  giveaway. I got to pick which prize I wanted (they were all awesome), and I am now going to get 2 months of Birchbox for free!! I am excited about this because I LOVE LOVE LOVE makeup (I would love to be a makeup artist one day) and have always been curious about Birchbox. Now I get to try it and see if I really like it (I’m sure I will since a lot of people I know use it and love it hehe).

* I am also excited about her journal/blog prompts that start in this month!! You should totally do this!!!!

* Excited for the new season of Stratejoy bloggers! Although I didn’t make it this time, I am excited to see what this season brings! Oh, by the way, if you can spare a few minutes, go vote for the First Stratejoy Essay Contest! There are so many amazing ladies up for this!