It’s Wine and Love Thursday! Hosted by Nora!!


  • Bellydance is cancelled tonight 😦 Our instructor has a migraine that won’t go away
  • My co-workers aunt (who helped raise her) passed away today
  • Katie needs some love so SEND SOME HER WAY


  • Kandace got a job!!! So excited for her!!!
  • I might have to lead some of Zumba tonight (this both terrifies and excites me…haha)
  • My exercise and eating healthy change is going well; I really enjoy exercising; I need to find a weight training program, though- I don’t like the weight machine at our Fitness Center
  • Habibi Hips and Shimmy Peppers (two of the troupes at Oasis) are both dancing for the Club Bellydance show on the 28th!!!!
  • Our first pizza came out awesome! I even blogged about it lol
  • I love all the healthy food we are eating 🙂
  • PJ cooked dinner on Tuesday night: tilapia, sauteed zucchini and squash and quinoa; it was yummy!!

What’s on your Wine and Love list this week?