Wow….it’s been MONTHS since I’ve done Wine and Love, but I’M BACK! As always, hosted by the always lovely Nora!


  • Trying to find balance in life
  • Chris, Jamie and Vivian leave on Sunday 😦
  • This Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood thing


  • I have a job-like a real job (minus the benefits- one day it will happen!), not something I will leave in 6 months; I’m a receptionist for a travel agency
  • PJ has been AMAZING through this job search- he has supported me and been there for me; I don’t know how he put up with me (and still does); I love him
  • Getting to spend time with PJ’s brother and his family; Vivian (PJ’s 2 year old niece) is super cute; we have played Angry Birds, watched her giggle over dogs and watched part of Tangled
  • We are going to breakfast for the first time in MONTHS on Sunday!!! SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!! (in case you couldn’t tell)
  • My two big presents for Christmas where an iPad and a bread machine! I use both all the time; I am going to try and make a wheat crust this weekend (maybe for the Super Bowl- which I will watching for the commercials and the half-time show) so we can make our own healthy pizza
  • I am part of 12 Changes, 12 Months, and my change for this month is to exercise and eat healthier (my change for last month was to drink more water)
  • PJ and I have started working out three days a week- I get in the elliptical and he is on the treadmill; I am happy that we are doing this together; it really helps to have someone motivating you and vice versa; we are even watching what/how much we eat
  • I am thinking about participating in this crazy awesome scary thing
  • I am part of this AMAZING collab channel; you should check us out!!
  • I’m thinking about participating The Sketchbook Project; Linda has done it and it looks like a lot of fun (even though I don’t think I am very creative or talented)
  • We watched TV with the roommates last night and it was really nice 🙂