Ten on Tuesday is back after a month-long break. Hosted by Chelsea and questions were provided by Kara’s Chatter! (She’s Canadian… in case you were wondering about the “favourite”s.)

1. What’s your variety of apple?

I love Granny Smith apples!! They are tart and good and yummy!

2. Do you prefer Long-English or Field cucumbers?
I’ve had the ones that are long, skinny and shrink wrapped (I think those are the Long-English kind) and I like them!

3. Tomatoes – Delicious or disgusting?
So so delicious. I love tomatoes.

4. What’s one fruit or vegetable that you can’t stand and why is that?
I’ve never tried brussel sprouts so I don’t know if I don’t like them or not lol.

5. What’s your favourite way to prepare veggies? (Grilled, boiled, roasted, sautéed, etc.)
I like grilled, roasted, sautéed

6. Sweet potato pie: Love it or hate it?

7. What’s your favourite “style” of French fry? Wedges, shoelace, curly, crinkle-cut or other?
I like wedges, curly and Cajun battered!

8. What’s your favourite fruit-pie filling?
Apple; chocolate pecan

9. When you were a kid did your parents make you sit at the table until all your veggies were eaten off your plate?
We had to sit until we finished our plates and we had lots of veggies

10. Do you drink veggie & fruit juice blends (such as V8, etc.) or make them yourself?
I like V8 and have recently started drinking Green Monster smoothies (I make that one myself).