Questions can be found here!! Hosted by Chelsea! You should participate.

1. What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?
PJ and I are going to my parents house for lunch then his grandmothers house for supper. Lots and lots of food.

2. What are you most thankful for this year?
I am thankful for the hard times this year. I know that may sound strange but it has taught me that I can make it through anything and that I am not alone. I am thankful for my amazing friends and family. I am thankful for PJ, Elaine and Courtney. For life and love.

3. Do you have any traditions on Thanksgiving? The parade? Football? Long naps?
PARADE!!! My college marching band participated in it in 2005 and they are doing it again this year. Football. FOOD! Followed by the food coma.

4. Is it called stuffing or dressing? Is it in the bird or a separate dish?
It’s called stuffing. It is both in the turkey and a separate dish. Usually the separate dish is a specific type of stuffing, usually cornbread.

5. Do you cook?
I try too but this year I’m not.

6. What is your favorite dish?
Stuffing and rice dressing.

7. What is your dessert preference?
Pie, pie, pie, bread pudding, pie…did I mention pie?

8. What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?
I don’t really have a favorite Thanksgiving memory. Maybe this year I’ll make some to remember đŸ™‚

9. Do you plan to shop on Black Friday?

10. What are you most dreading about Thanksgiving this year?
Nothing. I’m thankful to get to spend it with people I love.