Do you ever get that feeling that you want to good, but you don’t know how? I have an answer for you!

You can start HERE!

I have been involved with this project for some time now (since the beginning?) and am in love with it.

Hand writing is dying. All we mainly use it for these days is to sign checks and credit card receipts. Why not put it to good use? Sure, it may feel strange at first. You don’t even have to write letters if you don’t feel comfortable. You can donate stamps….yes, we are always looking for awesome people to donate stamps. They are very much needed.

The goal of the “love letter writers” is to write letters and leave them all over. We leave them everywhere in hopes that the right person may find them. We leave them in coffee shops, bathroom, counters, mail boxes, in stores.

If you choose to partake in this awesome project (which I so hope that you do), I think that not only will you change someones’ day, but you will find that you are changed, as well. All in the name of  LOVE!

So, go to the website and get involved. You will not be sorry.