In case you don’t know, I live with a cat. Yes, you read that right….I live with a cat. Her name is Lila, and I have come to love her.

I was never a cat person. I use to work at a vet’s office and hated dealing with the cats. They scared me. Then I met Lilla. She just so happens to belong to my best friend (and roommate), Elaine.

At first, I will admit that I was nervous to live with a cat, as I know Elaine was nervous to live with Broly, my pug. The first few night were rough. Broly had never seen a cat up close, much less lived with one. I think he thought that she was going to play with him. In the beginning, he would inch up to her, his tail waging, he would sniff at her then she would hiss and run. That went on for about a while.

I know that it was just the two of them learning how to live with one another, as well as the new environment.

I am happy to report that she never once tried to swat at him. All she did was hiss and he got the message.

She has warmed up to me, as well. I love that she comes to greet me at the door, like she does with Elaine. She rubs up on me if she wants attention. Sometimes, she even follows me around. It’s really cute.

I can now say that I will only own a cat if he/she is like Lilla. She’s so chill.

Do you own a cat(s)? If not, would you?