1. What is the worst compliment you have ever received?
It was during a relay that our belly dance troupe was performing at this year. We were taking a picture and I had on a unitard that sucks in everything (feels like you are wearing a sausage casing lol) and some guy made the comment to suck it in.

2. Did you/would you tell everyone the name of your baby before they were born, keep it a secret, or not choose until after they were born?

I’m undecided about this. I had my dogs named picked out before we meet him but it fit him so well. I’d like to meet they baby before choosing a name, though I’ll probably have a few picked out.

3. What is your favorite candle smell?
I like apple cinnamon, clean, pumpkin, vanilla

4. What is the best birthday/Christmas gift you received when you were pregnant or the best birthday/Christmas gift you gave a pregnant person that was really appreciated?
I’ve never been pregnant so I have no idea =/

5. Who was your favorite teacher?
My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Nelson. She really taught me to love school and reading more than I already did at that age.

6. What is the best game/activity you have ever played at a baby shower?
The game where everyone wears a close pin and if they say the word “baby”, and someone hears them, they have their close pin taken away. Whoever has the most close pins at the end of the shower, wins.

7. What was your major in college and did you end up using it in your career?
My major in college was Communication- Public Relations. I actually do not have a career right now but I am planning on using it in the future (*crossfingers*)

8. What is a beauty product you swear by?
I love this product!

9. What is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?\
I can’t really remember….is that bad?

10. If you could recommend one new baby necessity, what would it be?
Help lol

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