It’s Wine and Love time.  Participate and link up through Nora’s blog!!


* I no longer have a job- it was a temporary position (suppose to be a 6 weeks, but I stayed 6 months); the staffing center that hired me closed so they couldn’t afford to keep me. I found out Friday morning when I went into work that it was my last day. I’m shocked I made it through the day (I cried all day). Had lunch with my co-workers and a few friends. It was nice.

* Looking for a new job- I hate the stress this is bringing into my life.

* Fighting with people I love- that’s all we’ve been doing for the past few days.

* I don’t know how I am going to afford pants and a top for our troupe piece; I really wanted to by a sword at the workshop but that is out of the question right now.

* I feel like I’ve lost myself.


* Spending more time with Broly ❤

* Being able to clean the house little by little.

* Did yoga  yesterday for the first time in a VERY LONG TIME! It was awesome. (If you want a good laugh and have Netflix steaming, look up Hot Yoga…you won’t be disappointed hahaha)

* Practicing.

What’s on your Wine and Love list this week?