This past Saturday we had an experience we will never forget.

It started with a simple tweet from @JoliesBistro: “Want to win a free Pig’s Head dinner? Mention us in a tweet today saying why you love Jolie’s and win a dinner for two!”

Well, PJ took to Twitter because we both really love Jolie’s and what they stand for. They use fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. And we all know how much I love supporting the local community.

We won this amazing dinner for two at Jolies. I was beside myself. I could not believe our luck. We chose last Saturday as our date night and to celebrate our first six months together. We spent the entire day together but I’ll write about the rest of the day in a separate post.

Our dinner was a five course meal prepared by Executive Chef Manny Aguello  and his crew with wine pairings by the lovely Chelsie , General Manager and wine specialist at Jolie’s Bistro. They used every piece of the pigs head that they could in ways that we couldn’t believe. (Sorry for the picture quality. These were taken with my iPhone.)

Course one: A take on a classic New Orleans breakfast that you rarely see these days. In a small black iron skillet was a serving of warm grits with a slice of hogs head cheese with a perfectly poached egg on top. The simplicity of this meal was beautiful, and the flavor was outstanding.

Course two: We have a fresh three green salad tossed in a charred onion vinaigrette with deep fried pig ears. It was clean and crispy and paired with a delicious citrus wine that brought out the flavors in every bite.

Course Three: An amazing dish of pickled pigs tongue with salsa verde on a fried pistolet served with pickled mushroom.

We were a bit hesitant to hear the word pigs tongue. But the texture was much like that of a perfectly slow cooked pork roast. The salsa added that fresh herb taste to accompany that warmth of the meat and bread. In keeping with using local produce, the mushrooms are grown locally in Breaux Bridge. Perfection on a plate in my opinion.

Course four: A porchetta of pork cheek with almond & garlic puree and pickled persimmons. The skin was left on the side of the cheek and allowed to crisp like a cracklin. The meat it self was rolled with whole cloves of garlic, rosemary, and what I think was thyme. These particular persimmons, when pickled, have the consistency of an apple but this amazing fruity flavor. Pair all three of these items in each bite and you’re in heaven.

Course five: The Wild Card

After preparing the head and making the hog head cheese Chef Manny collected the drippings and meat that fell off, creating  a Ribollita with celery. It was served with two simple slices of peasant bread and a fried egg on top. Almost making a full circle.

We would like to thank Chef Manny and the entire staff of Jolies Louisiana Bistro. You can visit their website and make reservations here. If you go make sure to visit the master @LukeTullos and the bar staff for a delicious cocktail. They have happy hour all night on Wednesdays. Enjoy two-for-one selected drinks and half-off appetizers all night in the bar and bistro area. In the mood for a Sunday brunch with your significant other? Is it a special occasion? Or maybe you just want a drink and a meal after work, Jolie’s can handle it.

Supporting local business is important to us. It should be to you too. If you do not live here, you should find places in your town that use local ingredients. If you ever are in town, you should stop by Jolie’s. You will be glad you did.