It’s Wine and Love time!! Participate and link up!!!


* 2011 can kiss my butt- it’s been messing with my friends and family way too much. Knock it off already.

* Superficial people

* Behind on blogging and list making

* Budgeting- I’m worried that I won’t keep track of everything


* That I am able to be there for one of my best friends during a tough time

*PJ won dinner from this amazing restaurant; all you had to do was mention them in a tweet and you were entered to win! Super excited for next Saturday!!

* Ansuya in October!!! Over the moon excited about this!! CAN. NOT. WAIT!!

* Budgeting- actually taking charge of my finances and seeing where my money goes

* Happy 6 months to me and PJ!! It’s been an amazing 6 months. Yes, we have had our share of ups and downs, but who hasn’t? We will only continue to grow and this will only get better. Thank you for this amazing 6 months. ❤