Hosted by Chelsea and questions are by her too!! You should participate!!

1. What is your favorite brand of shoes?

For heels, I love Nine West; don’t have a favorite brand of flip flop; I like Nike or New Balance for tennis shoes

2. How old were you when you learned to tie your shoes?
I think I was 5-6; I really don’t remember what age, I do remember sitting on the kitchen floor with my tongue sticking out trying to get the hang out tying my shoes

3. How do you feel about freckles?
I like them, though I worry about skin cancer

4. I can count to ten in ___ languages.
Three languages- English, Spanish and German

5. What is your favorite store-bought ice cream flavor?
Blue Bell 🙂

6. Were you in ballet or gymnastics as a little girl?
No, I was not 😦 I wish I was, though

7. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?
I like Zoey; a have a friend who’s named her daughter Zoey 🙂

8. What’s your bedtime?
Usually around 10 or 11

9. Do you have any jewelry that you wear every single day?
I try to wear my Shine necklace every day; I love it so much; you should go read up on it and buy one! Wish I had other jewelry to wear, though

10. Who is the bug killer in your household?
I think everyone is; we do an equal share of killing; if we can get them out of the apartment alive, we try to