Wine and Love time!!! Hosted by Nora! You should participate and link up.


* Not enough sleep- probably won’t get sleep until this wekend

* Realizing that a friendship I thought was BFF status really isn’t, but I’m really okay with that- there is no hate or hard feelings toward this person in my heart; my heart is lite and open and feeling a lot better than it has in a long time

* Not enough PJ time 😦

* Worrying about if what I am doing job wise is really right for me


* Being able to help out a friend when she really needed it ❤

* Play WoW with PJ and Elaine….excited for this!! It had a negative connotation to it for a very long time. I had forgotten that it could be fun. So glad I am taking it back. It’s like learning a new language. So much fun!

* Making new friends through VEDA; they make me want to hug my computer….like all the time 🙂

* I cut PJ hair for the first time; thought I was nervous, I think I did a good job. I think it came out good and he liked it. I do have some work to do but it will get better.

What’s on your Wine and Love list this week?