It’s that time of week where we let you know that has us reaching for the wine glass and what has our hearts full up with love!

It’s Wine and Love Thursday hosted by the lovely Nora. You should participate.


* Money

* Knowing that this a temp job (even though I would like to stay)

* Wondering when I have to start looking for a new job

* Messy apartment

* Not being able to read as much as I’d like (I am so behind on books right now)

*Not being able to find a dance mirror like the ones they use in studios


* Knowing that Elaine is having a great time on her way to Chicago and will continue to have a great time when she gets there

* QT with PJ

* Being able to tell Elaine bye before her trip

* A quiet apartment

* Knowing that Broly is taken care of when we are not home by people love us and him