It’s 11 days until August 1st. Eleven days until I see all of the awesome people participating in VEDA. Watching, recording, commenting. That is how I will spend a majority of August, and I can’t wait!! If you have never participated in VEDA before….you totally should. It is so much fun!! Trust me! You will have a blast! You should do it! Sign up here!!!

I recently read this awesome post by the ever so lovely Amy. Everything she says in this post is true. It really got my thinking. The closer that VEDA gets, the more anxious I become. It’s not the vlogging every day (you should do it!) or the commenting. It’s the connections that people make from it. I see all the friendships that people have made from VEDA (and before) and it makes me a little jealous. Then I got to thinking. I really wasn’t that active on Twitter nor on my blog (which I no longer used, having moved here). Since last August, I have become more active on Twitter and have moved blogs. I am writing more and commenting more, trying to join conversations and be proactive. You only get what you put in it. I am putting a lot more in it now than I was before. I love blogging, vlogging and social media. I love having friends from all over (one day, I will meet y’all). I love knowing that there are people to listen when no one else is around.

Nico posted this amazing video. GO WATCH IT….NOW! DO IT! It is just simply beautiful. We all have secrets. I have contemplated sharing mine with you with a little over a week now. I was tagged in the video just by watching it so I have to do it….right? You should do it too!