Today’s questions are all zoo related. So I guess if you’ve never been to the zoo, you’re out of luck! There were provided by Lindsey at The Rowland Family. Thank you for Chelsea for hosting!

1. What is your favorite zoo to visit?
A zoo we visited in Germany.

2. Do you visit a zoo very often?
No, sure don’t

3. Do you have a membership to a zoo?

4. When you visit a zoo, do you stay all day or just an hour or two?
We would go when I was younger and we would stay all day

5. Do you buy food at the zoo or pack a picnic lunch?
I don’t remember what we did. I think we packed a lunch. Food is expensive.

6. What is you favorite animal to see at the zoo?
I like the monkeys!

7. What is your least favorite animal to see at the zoo?
Not sure I have a least favorite animal

8. What is your favorite memory of going to the zoo as a kid?
Well, it’s not my favorite memory but it’s the one I remember the most. When I was younger, I was visiting a zoo in Germany and I was wearing all yellow (don’t ask because I don’t even know lol) and was stung by a huge bee. It hurt…A LOT.

9. Do you visit the gift shop when you go to the zoo?
Not the zoo

10. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best and 1 being the worst) how nice is your city’s zoo?
I don’t know…..haven’t visited it yet.