Here I sit, at work on a Monday afternoon, a lot on my mind.

Friday afternoon on Twitter, a friend asked if anyone had fitness goals for the summer. I immediately responded that I need to/would like to loose 30-40 pounds.A few others responded with how much they would like to loose or just maintain. He then asked me if I was taking steps toward my goal. In short, no. I need a kick in the butt.

For Lent, my roommate and I decided to go on the South Beach Diet. She wanted to loose weight and I knew I needed to as well. Things were going great. I was following the diet and exercising every day. This was also when I had a job that let me come in at 11. That allowed me time to wake up, exercise, shower, eat breakfast and get to work. I was really enjoying eating right and exercising. I felt better all around. Then I lost my job. Still, I moved forward, exercising and trying to eat right, while looking for a new job.

Enter Easter. We had lots of food. I get a temp job, which I am still at (cross your fingers that they keep me!), and this is where it all goes blah. I get up around 5:30/5:45 every weekday morning. I walk Broly and get ready for work. PJ and I carpool. He has to be at work earlier than I do so we leave the apartment around 6:30, picking up breakfast on the way. I drop him off at work then head to the office. I spend most of my days in front of a computer screen. I have no problem with this. It allows me to have freedom while still working. We have lunch together at 11, where we try to eat healthy, mainly Subway, if not something from home. We get off of work at 5 and head home, either picking something up or trying to see what we have around the house.

We were doing so well with meal planning and grocery shopping. We would plan on Saturday afternoons and go grocery shopping. We would have crock pot meals on Sunday and enough left over to only have to cook a few nights a week. We would save one day where we would go eat out. Meal planning and grocery shopping take A LOT OF TIME. People don’t tell you this when you start. They should. I felt like we were spending an entire weekend afternoon planning meals for the week. Is it really suppose to take that long? Oh, and coupons. I would like to be able to coupon. We just don’t have the time. How do people fit it all in.

Anyway, I sort of got off track. Back to where I was suppose to be going with this. New job= learning how to fit exercise and eating right back into my life. A few people I know have mentioned that they are doing Crossfit. I saw a video of it on YouTube and it seems like something I would be interested in, because I’m a beast in the gym (at least I think so). I’m super hard on myself in every aspect of my life, including exercise. We have a fitness center in our apartment complex so I’m not sure about joining a gym. I would love get back to eating right and exercising and feeling great.That is my main goal right now.

Any advice and/or suggestions?